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optimistic canadian goose


optimistic canadian goose

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Sorry for being MIA for the past millions of years. I’ve been pretty busy since my last post in August of last year…
So yes, I’m still alive, and when I have time I’ll try to get things back up and running. Although I haven’t changed any submissions into actual posts, submissions are still always welcome¬† :)

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Zoom LOL.


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I'm not even Canadian. ;___;

Asked by firefoxxxy-deactivated20130611

Pretending is fun too. :)

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I love the point of your blog, but I feel like you are just listing inventions now. Like I don't really walk around all day being proud of the fact some Canadian invented insulin. Or that we produce maple syrup. Maybe try some things that set us apart. Because the whole world has insulin and maple syrup. Not just Canada. I understand these are mostly submissions, but I think it's at the point now where there needs to be some sort of a filter. Like I used to reblog practically everything on here.

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Majority of my past 10 or so submissions have been repeats. I’ll see what I can do about it.

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